Tuesday, November 16, 2010

2010 Formula One Championship

So looks like we've got a new champion in the books, and damn, the kid can drive. All I have to say is I'm happy for him, my favorite driver, Lewis Hamilton didnt win, but still Vettel is the champion and I'm happy.

Truth is, the kid drove the fastest out of every race. He pushed his car in every race by either winning or crashing trying to win. He may be young and naive, immature, whatever; but face it, he's one hell of a driver. From when he got his first pole position and won back at Monza in '08 in a shit STR-Ferrari, I knew he had what it took to be a world class, championship winning Formula One driver. 

On the other end, good old Alonso couldnt steer his big bad Scuderia around a pieced together Renault with a rookie driver behind the wheel. 

If it hadn't have been for a few miscalculations and technical difficulties, Vettel probably would have swept this season away. Maybe the same goes for Hamilton, had he not crashed back at Singapore he would have had a much better chance at winning the championship. Though, neither of them needed a team order to win. 

That brings me to another thing, I've heard a few people talk about how Ferrari ruins drivers. That Alonso and Massa didn't put up the hardest fight.  Well.. let me qoute what I read on a certain online forum group:

"Exciting race???
 What was exciting?
 The season was over after 12 laps. Alonso and Webber just gave up.
 F&^k!!! If Enzo was still alive, I'd hate to be Alonso right now. He'd kill his whole family for that BS performance...
 Here is Alonso in his head after coming out of the pits.."oh I am fine in 11th..no biggie"
  Enzo would have been chewing his ass on the radio. "listen spanish boy...You better finish this f#@king race as the champ or wreck trying."
  That was the most weak ass end to a great season. 4 guys start with a chance..2 give up after 12 laps and coast  in? What a joke. I'd fire Massa and Alonso. What Ferrari needs is some fire...I may not be a huge Vettel fan but the guy tried every race....either won or crashed trying to win. None of this...well I couldn't pass Petrov so I guess that is that, BS. PETROV!!!...guy isn't even going to have a drive next year...he or should I say his country> bought his way into F1. You can't pass that f*cking waste of a drive? You are a 2 time WDC...show me what got you there...

 I am thinking that Ferrari just ruins drivers now. When Alonso was at Renault or McClaren he made a Meh car   better or just flat out owned shit in a solid car. He drove like a man possessed and made shit happen...Gets to  Ferrari and everything is angel wings and butterfly's. Case it point...why the f*ck do they keep re-signing  Massa...guy has had his time and if he isn't already in 1st...he isn't doing anything but burning gas. Ferrari is just  waiting for the seasons where their cars carry the driver to the champ...not drivers carrying the team to a champ. 

 I am thinking that I am going to change up my team...I am going to jump with Keith to the Koby team...Go koby..with your 3 stooges Emo Mo hair cut. WOOOT!

 OMG....the more I read about yesterday the more angry I am about it...
  Massa is being critical of the strategy to pull them into pit early...
 Well...Maybe they didn't think it would take you 26 laps to pass that broken dick STR red bull...it only took Vettel a  lap or a lap and a half to dispose of that 15th place tub of shit...
 OMG...FIRE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Again that was all a qoute. None of it was mine. 
Part of me has to agree with this, about Ferrari maybe ruining drivers because, as he mentions, when Alonso was with McLaren and Renault, he was a totally different driver. But anyone who says Alsonso didnt try his hardest in that race, I'll have to disagree with. Ferrari just didnt build a car that was faster then the Renault which is what Alonso really needed on a track where the only passing opportunities is to bury your car into the corner. For that matter, Ferrari didnt give a car that was faster the Red Bull's either. 

Yes maybe the pit strategy really kinda gave Alonso the shaft but it still didn't seem like he was pushing as hard as he normally would have. Watching the overshot camera's, and every corner he did overshoot wasn't a optimal corner for passing. 

In any case, I hope to see Petrov return next year. At the beginning of the year, the guy seemed to prefer his car buried in a wall, but when he drove, he drove well. Same goes for Kubica. The same goes for Kobayashi. I had a mediocre-at-best chassis but he managed to stay mid-field. 

Ultimately, I think there are two kinds of racing teams/drivers; the one that rely on cars, technology and engineering to win championships, such as Ferrari. And there there are teams that rely on magnificent drivers, such as Ayrton Senna, Schumacher, Nigel Mansell etc. But every once in a while, you get a great car with a fantastic driver. Thats what happened this year.

As for Hamilton, there's always next year. 

For now though, congratulations to Sebastian Vettel. 

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