Thursday, November 11, 2010

What the hell, your 20 live your life. Get out there and get crunk, not married

Excuse my title, but really? Maybe its just because its finally starting to happen to people who I can actually associate with, but damn, people need realize that 20 is the middle of the most exciting period of your life, at least so they say.

I can't even count how many people I know that are married before their 24. Most of these people are still in school, most of them work in a job getting paid minimum wage, most of them (this is of utmost importance..) drive a shit car, most of them live in an apartment designed for college students. None of these things should be descriptions of people who are married.

To get married you need to have a stable income. You need to be able to provide for yourself AS WELL AS YOUR PARTNER should, heaven forbid, anything happen.

First and foremost before you get married, you need to be mentally, socially and economically mature. This sounds a little weird but in my head, it makes sense (but so does vegetarian velociraptors)(WTF, my spell check doesnt know velociraptors?!). What I am saying is, I look at all these married couples and again, economically, they're not prepared. They work at your local grocery store as a waitress or your restaurant as a stocker (thats backwards but IDK). Thats not a good enough job to provide enough money for a marriage. Not to mention to even make enough money to make a difference your working long hours at odd times, so your not even spending quality time with each other. On top of this, a lot of these folks are still in school. Lets do some math here:

Average college student puts in between 12-14 hours a week for school, they say for every hour you spend in class, thats 2 hours of studying.
Say your working 30 hours a week @ $10 an hour.
you should be sleeping 8 hours a night.
these people usually go to church for 3 hours a week

so lets see here 12+(2x12)+30+(8x7)+3=125 hours of nothing time.
theres a 168 hours a week.

168-125=43 hours a week=6.14 hours a day of lovin time.. granted thats not bad but when you factor in that people have lives and actually have other things that aren't anticipated in life, thats not much time.

Oh another thing, your 20, you should at least hope to have some social life, subtract that from your 6.14 hours per day.

Which brings me to my next point, being socially mature; i.e. being not socially retarded.
This is simple, you don't want to be that friend that is lost to all of your other friends because you got married. We all know what I'm talking about. You get married and then your in your own little world; your practically a loss to society, you don't really contribute nor subtract. you're just a rock. No one wants to be a rock because rocks get ground up and made into concrete which is boring.  When you're 20 years old you need to get our and enjoy life. Because after that you'll have a real job and be forced to be a responsible member of society.  So act your age, be irresponsible and wear undies on your head....

Okay economically mature, your wondering "what the dickins does that mean?". I shall tell you, NOW!
Okay go back to my previous number of 30 hours a week of work at $10 an hour. this yields $300 a week. Say you get about $270 after the IRS has their way with it. Combine that with approximately the same amount from your partner, thats $540 a week, not bad. That works out to about $25,920 a year, below the average household income of Utah, much farther below. Thats not much. Estimate rent to be about $450 a month; insurance, gas, utilities, food. That leaves you very little to work with. What happens when your waitress partner gets mashed by a shopping cart then what?

I'm not ready to be called Olaf: destroyer-of-relationships, but living here in Utah and being surrounded by married people or people getting married, I am just hoping people have put all this into consideration before then tie the knot.

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